Weapons of the
Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps

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Jäger Brown

    Bryan's rifle is a doppelraumflugelraumjägerbusche or a double barreled twist lock Jäger rifle, we know that 2 of these rifles were here in the American Revolution from the Journals of Ernst Von Wintzingeroda where he comments that he "and his Capt. (Ewald)" had them "from the Poser works."  This rifle is an educated guess of what these rifles looked like.  No original has been found to date.  The main action of the rifle is based on a Leonard Day twist lock, the lines of the stock and the brass are consistent with a rifle made in the Poser works between 1750 and 1770.  The brass is cast from an original Poser rifle from parts purchased at The Rifle Shoppe. You will notice the crewel work sling, these were fairly common on German rifles generally made by wives or sweethearts as remembrance tokens while their men were off to war. This reproduction rifle was constructed by Jäger Brown and has 2 62 cal barrels.



The camera didn't want to focus real well on the patch box cover, we will keep trying for better pictures.



Table of Contents

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