Weapons of the
Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps

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Specialty Weapons

Jägers were not just armed with rifles, they also were equipped with 4 DonnerBusche (blunderbuss in English); 2 Rifled Amussettes (Wall Guns); and 2 3lb artillery pieces for every company of Jägers.

The DonnerBusche (literally translates to Thunder gun) or Blunderbuss in English were evolutions developed on the English mail coaches, the belled muzzle was essentially a funnel to facilitate loading on the fast moving mail coaches when repelling robbery.  The ease of loading and the incredible short range power made them rapidly become common military weapons for sentry duty and ambushes. In 21st century terms think of it as a double barrel 12 guage 3 1/2 inch magnum shells. Both barrels and then some.  Most of the mass production reproductions are only 75 cal or 11 guage and much to small to accurately reflect the 18th century blunderbuss.



2 British military issue blunder buss From the British Royal Artillery Museum


Civilian blunderbuss with spring loaded bayonet

Catalonian Style Blunderbuss





The Amusettes were 6ft long (or longer) rifled pieces in excess of 100 caliber.  They were used as point defense, long range "sniping" or to engage enemy artillery.  Shooting first the axle of the artillery cracking it with the huge ball rendering the artillery non firing and non transportable until repaired. Then taking out gun crews drummers etc.




Table of Contents

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